Arcade Cabinet #6

Published 1st Apr 2012

The work on the top part is rather similar to the bottom. So these are some of the parts painted ready to be assembled.

Using a number of corner braces (Screwfix is the cheapest for these by the way), they are screwed together to form the top part. The following picture is the assembled part just sitting on top of the bottom unit.

And to secure this onto the bottom unit, I added a bridging sheet of MDF parallel to the bottom part, and used four M6 nuts/washers/bolts to hold them together, so that it is removable if I wanted to in the future, for transportation etc.. I would have used bigger bolts, but my drill bit only goes up to 6.5mm 🙁 Anyway M6 is more than strong enough to hold them together.

And to mount the monitor, I basically used a thinner (9mm) sheet of MDF on the back of the monitor like a VESA mount bracket, and used the VESA screw holes to affix the bracket onto the back of the monitor. The MDF is then secured in place with some more corner braces.

This is how it looks at the moment.

Doesn’t look too bad at all! It is looking very close to the finished product now which gets me very excited 🙂

So now that it is 70% complete, the things left are,
1. Top marquee (in progress, 30% done)
2. Arcade-esq stool chair (waiting for delivery)
3. Audio system (still sourcing some parts)

There are probably other things I need to think about, like dual-modding the stick, ethernet hub, HDMI switch, etc…