Arcade Cabinet #9

Published 23rd Sep 2012

Having spent a months enjoy the cabinet, it is time to finish it off.

I commissioned an online shop to print a vinyl logo sticker to put onto the top acrylic panel, in metallic silver. And this is how it came.

Applying it is just a case of peeling back to the paper, put it on the panel and then keep scratching with a credit card.

Some small letters are bit tricky because they don’t stick on properly. But overall it wasn’t too bad.

Oh by the way in the mean time I also used a hardboard (painted black) and nailed it to the back of the whole cabinet just to give it some more strength and reduce flexing.

And this is the finished cabinet.

No doubt in the coming months I’ll still be doing tweaks here and there…

And here’s a few more pics from different angles.