Brix Pro NUC #6

Published 3rd May 2017

The first step to building the case is to make a skeleton.

This “frame” supports the PCB and then attaches to the water block mount, as well as allows fitting a 2.5″ drive.

Structurally there are 4 long M3 screws, one at each corner, to join everything together.

It’s again modelled in Fusion 360.

It’s then printed out, again in PETG. This particular filament is the FormFutura HDglass, in smokey black. Pretty nice filament to work with and the semi-transparancy looks pretty cool, although it’s quite a bit more expensive than others

And this is the outcome. The dead 2.5″ drive is just a placeholder until the final SSD goes into place.

I also soldered a nice vandal switch button on with LED. The soldering isn’t very strong because the contact points are small, so I may need to put some hot glue on 🙁