Colour coding

Published 29th Jul 2003

I am going to start colour coding these air vents as a first step. Then I am going to colour code…
– facia centre panel
– clock
– centre console (when I get one)
– door bins
– latches
– and at the end I’m going to take the complete facia off and paint it

So this is the air vents I’m going to paint now…

All disassembled by using a small flat-top screw driver. I was kind of surprised by the strength of the clips, it almost broke my screw driver!

Now primed with standard white primer. I didn’t necessarily need to prime it, but primer forms a nice foundation for metallic paint on plastic material, so it won’t be scratched off that easily.

Painted with “Aluminium” paint for Halfords. I just love this sort of pale-silver colour! Lacquer was also applied (thick coats too), again, to prevent being scratched off too easily…

Put back on the dash. Now it instantly looks so much better!
On my way to colour code other bits…