Feb 2005

Published 1st Feb 2005

I think it is about time I post some pics of the evolution (or lack of) of my car since I bought it from Tom (on FEOC-UK) in 2004.

The car was bought from Tom in July 2004. As you can see its quite a good base car for a project 🙂

Laguna splitter fitted!

The front wasn’t low enough (for the cossie skirts) before the Laguna splitter. But now they sit level 😀 Big improvement that!

Err… footwell cold cathode tube and Sparco pedals… cheap mods.

Chrome spark plug cover that doesn’t fit too well…

ICE finally done!! (sort of)
Sony Mp3 headunit (later replaced with a Kenwood KDC-W8027 motorised headunit)
Sony Xplod amp
Phoenix Gold QX130 components (from Tom)
Kenwood 5×7
Caliber CW12 subs
Full boot build! 😀

GTi half-leather interior acquired!!

Very comfortable, but a bit disappointed with the quality (bloody Ford…)
Big improvement over standard seats.
Door cards to be re-trimmed in leatherette.

Full RS2000 brake coversion!!! (Thanks John)

I was going to go for the Mondeo V6 brakes, but due to house buying and the fact that I want the ST170 setup so much… I decided to go for the RS2000 front setup for now, until I have more funds to afford the ST170, skipping 278mm altogether.

The RS2000 rear brake setup, on the other hand, is a necessity. I reckon it does bugger all for braking, but magically it improved the handling… a lot!

Overall I am not too happy with the braking force of RS2000 setup… must get ST170!!!!

Car as it stands now 🙂

Mods done after buying from Tom but no pics:
Electric sunroof
6-speed wiper
– Proper good Philips Blue Vision bulbs
Map light Mods currently being done:
– Morettes (painted but still sitting in the dining room… need a free weekend)
– Parking sensors (half-fitted… need another free weekend)
– Custom rear (inspired by Mr. HT, but I am not copying…)
– Grille (sitting in the garage, too lazy…)

Mods to be done:
– 2.0 engine (will probably be done by an FEOC member)
– New WIDE wheels with proper offset (the spacers affect handling TOO much!)
– Tints (light)
– Prowler front bumper (got a deal with someone but still pending)
– WRC spoiler (sitting in the garage… not sure as of yet)
– One touch down windows
– Door card centres retrim in leatherette
– Electric mirrors
– Bonnet lifters