July 2007

Published 1st Jul 2007

Hello everyone.

The weather is still rubbish, I have never seen so much rain in this country. The RainX I put on didn’t even last for a week. Same with the wax & protection I put on last time, which I had hope that would last until near the end of the year. Oh well I’ll probably put on a new coat when it stops raining.

Okay so this month I put a set of Vectra aluminium pedals on. Yes, Vectra. The clutch and brake pedals are the same as the Astra ones, but the throttle pedal is larger and shaped, not just a rectangle, which I think is much nicer than the Astra one.

Then I replaced the Bailey DV-26D with an HKS SSQV (an imitation one obviously), because the DV-26D wasn’t smooth enough at part throttle. Now the SSQV is much smoother at part throttle, but there seems to be a slight hissing sound before 0 psi, and gear change isn’t as smoother as before. So overall I am not too sure if I want to use the DV26-D or the SSQV. The good thing is that it is MUCH louder now!!

The biggest job this month is fitting the intercooler! Yes it is finally fitted!

It was A LOT of trouble fitting it. Yes really a lot. It was so hard to get all the clearance I needed. I moved the bottom of the rads back 25mm, the top of the rads back 10mm, re-positioned the intercooler, rotated the fan 90 degree, removed the sheild of the fan, and trimmed the crowl of the fan. And even then I only have 1mm clearance!

To top that, a lot of my hose clamps busted, and I had a lot of problems with the hoses.

But anyway it is all done now, just hope there isn’t going to be any problems.

As for whether there is any performance increase… I don’t’know! Still haven’t’tried it properly!