S Class #2

Published 7th Jul 2014

After the fitting the facelift S65 AMG body kit, the rear lights suddenly started looking a bit dated. Time to replace them I thought.

A set of plug-and-play aftermarket rear lights, in facelift LED style, was bought directly from Dectane the manufacturer. I got the smoked lens ones to look a bit different and I think it’ll work well on a black car.

Dectane has an online outlet store which is quite a bit cheaper than every retailer, if and when they have stock in.

Fitting was extremely easy – less than 15 mins a side.

1. Lift up boot floor carpet
2. Remove 2 clips and 1 T20 screen each side
3. Pull side carpet out
4. Disconnect connector and undo 3 8mm nuts each side
5. Reverse to fit

Really it was that easy! Very much unlike the front lights.

However, the quality of the adaptor connectors isn’t as good as OE. They clip fine, but not tight. So I put cable ties on to make sure they’ll never come loose from vibration, ever.

I think they look quite good. Makes the car look more modern, especially at night.