September 2006

Published 1st Sep 2006

Sourced a set of 18″ BK299 for a good price with four brand new Yokohama Parade 2 tyres. And the reaon for the good price is… the lacquer on the lips has cracked and peeled looking really crap 🙁 And I found that it is actually a common problem with BK wheels!

So I bought a metal polish kit from eBay (£20), sanded down the lacquer from the lips, and spent 25+ hours polishing the crap out of it.

The result was okay, not chrome-like but pretty close. The downside is that I have to use Belgom Alu to clean/wax it every bloody week…

At the same time, I sourced a KW Variant 2 Coilover kit ! 😀 It’s really good too! Wholeheartedly recommend it. It costed me about £100 in fitting, which is a bit more than I expected.

Lowered 30mm at the front, and 40mm at the back , and now it sits sort of level. The back could actually do with another 5mm or so. I will do that when I have time but I need to jack the car up to do that… and my jack isn’t low enough! If anyone can get an aluminium racing jack for cheap, please let me know! 🙂