XR2i Spoiler

Published 25th Aug 2003

Like any “shopping trolley” hatchback cars, my car is a bit dull without a roof spoiler… so I acquired a second hand one from the InterFord.co.uk forums for a mere 10 pounds note delivered.

There is supposed to be FOUR bolts holding the spoiler to the tailgate, but I removed two for ease of installation.

First step, I offered it up and see how it fits… perfect. Then I used some masking tape for two reasons:

1. To mark (using a pencil…) the position of the holes to be drilled for the two bolts to go through the tailgate.
2. To avoid scratching the surface when drilling.

Although the bolts are of M4 size (4mm diametre), I drilled two 6mm holes so I can fit a rubber washer to each hole to avoid water leak and eventually corrosion. Okay so I offered it up, and tightened the two M4 nuts from the back. Pretty secure now. Now drill the corner two holes…

I didn’t use rubber washers for these two holes, because apparently the spoiler is in the way now, but I did use some silicon sealant over the head of M4 bolts to prevent water leakage.

And now finished! Looks way better now!